A better way to get organic leads

How to generate leads without relying on ad purchases or spending excessive time on social media. Stand out from the crowd and avoid the frustration of feeling invisible and exhausted like others in the process.

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What is in it for you?

Does your online image match the great reputation you've worked hard to build through face-to-face interactions? Has the slowdown caused by social distancing affected the number of referrals you receive through word-of-mouth?

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How to connect with local customers without having to buy ads and without spamming anyone
How new customers can discover your business even if they don’t know your name
How to combine the power of word-of-mouth referrals with the 24/7 availability of being online
How to build trust and social proof that outshines your competition even if they’ve been around longer
Effective methods for leveraging online platforms to establish a strong local presence and attract customers, even if you have a limited marketing budget.
How to do all of this in a way that is genuine and authentic while everyone else keeps wasting time looking like they don’t know what they’re doing.

If you serve clients in your local area and want to continue attracting new customers, then this is definitely something worth your time.

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Who is this for?

Not everyone can benefit from this system. PanonFeedback is exclusively tailored for these businesses (and any other businesses that serve clients locally)

Local businesses, CPA firms, and accountants seeking efficient feedback management for their clients and financial services.
Lawn care businesses aiming to gauge customer satisfaction and tailor their services based on client feedback.
Mobile auto detailing services looking to collect feedback to improve their customer experience and service quality.
Electricians interested in gathering feedback to enhance their service reliability and customer interactions.
Real estate agents aiming to gather feedback from clients to improve their sales and customer satisfaction levels.
Local restaurants wanting to obtain valuable feedback to enhance their dining experience and menu offerings.
Salons and barbershops seeking feedback to enhance customer satisfaction and the overall quality of their services.
Chiropractors aiming to gather feedback to improve patient experiences and the effectiveness of their treatments.
Dentists looking to gather feedback from patients to improve the quality of dental care and overall patient satisfaction.
Fitness centers and gyms interested in collecting feedback to enhance their training programs and customer experience.
Home renovation and remodeling businesses seeking feedback to improve their services and customer satisfaction.
Pet groomers and boarding facilities interested in gathering feedback to enhance their services and ensure customer satisfaction.
Medical clinics and healthcare providers aiming to collect feedback to improve patient care and overall satisfaction.
Wedding planners and event coordinators wanting to gather feedback to enhance their services and create memorable experiences.
Photographers interested in collecting feedback to improve their photography services and meet client expectations.
Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals seeking feedback to enhance the quality of pet care and customer satisfaction.
Daycare centers and preschools aiming to gather feedback to improve their programs and ensure parental satisfaction.
Financial advisors and investment firms interested in gathering feedback to enhance their services and client relationships.

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Luka Cajic, and I specialize in helping small business owners who want to grow their customer base in the local community without taking risks with traditional online marketing.

After more than 10 years of experience, I have developed a straightforward three-step system that will boost your visibility, build trust, and make you stand out from your competition, even if they have been around longer than you.

I also understand the importance of getting quick results, so my system doesn't require you to invest in a complex website or spend endless hours on social media with little to show for it.

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